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School Visits for Students and Parents

Visiting schools before studying is an excellent opportunity to make the right choice. Visit three schools of your choice with our Guided School Tours.

Visit before studying

At Rex Education, we offer school visits for students and parents who want to see the schools before they decide. You can choose up to three schools to be visited in consecutive days or on different days throughout a week. We do our best to help you combine the school visits with leisure activities so you can enjoy your stay in the UK.

What are you going to see?

During school visits, you will be assisted by a Rex staff and a member of school staff at schools. You will be able to see the school building, classrooms, and facilities, such as sport hall, library, dining room, and dormitories, where available without distracting the current students. The member of school staff will answer all the questions you may have about lessons, activities, accommodation, student welfare and teachers. You will be able to collect free brochures from the schools where available.

What is included?

Our school tours include return private transfers to schools, school visits and school brochures and booklets that are available at the time of your visit.

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