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Studio Cambridge

Studio Cambridge offers General English and Exam Preparation courses for adults and language camps for young learners for more than 50 years.

English language courses and camps

Ideal for ages 18 and over, Studio Cambridge’s Adult English language course offers General and Intensive English programmes with 21 or 15 hours of tuition each week. 

Exam Preparation courses at Studio Cambridge are designed to get students’ English to exam-ready level. These are ideal for students who want to study intensively for 3 or more weeks.

Studio Cambridge also runs intensive CELTA courses several times a year. CELTA courses help participants to gain the skills they need to teach English in the UK and around the world. The CELTA course is suitable for participants with no teaching experience, as well as participants with some teaching experience who want to gain a widely-recognised qualification.

Studio Cambridge English Camps for children and teenagers take place in various locations in England. Each English camp is designed for a specific age group, regarding course content, activities, accommodation, and the level of supervision. Some English camps offering Speciality Programmes for students who want to focus on a specific field on the side, including Cambridge University Discovery Theme, Dance, Global Leaders, Creative Social Media, and Coding. 

Course Programmes

  • General English (EFL-20, EFL-28) 
  • One-to-one private tuition
  • IELTS Examination
  • Cambridge Examination
  • CELTA Training
  • General English for young students
  • Language camps for young students (8-19)
  • Speciality courses for young students, including Global Leaders, Cambridge University Discovery, Coding, Dance, Creative Social Media, and IELTS. 
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Happy students at the campus
Established in 1954, Studio Cambridge is the oldest English language school in Cambridge, England.

Learning English in Cambridge

All adult language courses take place in Cambridge. Language Camps for young students are run at Studio Cambridge’s own school in Cambridge and at some of the best schools of England in London, Reading, Bishop’s Stortford and Ely.

Student Diversity

Taught English successfully to over 100,000 students, Studio Cambridge welcomes students from over 65 different countries each year. The mix of nationalities changes from year-to-year and according to the time of the year. However, the typical percentage for adult students taking intensive courses are as shown below. 

Western Europe 42%
Asia/Far East 21%
Eastern Europe 17%
Latin America 8%
Middle East 9%
Africa 3%

The average age of Studio Cambridge students is 22. 15% are aged under 18, 70% aged 18-29, and 15% aged over 30.

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